Episode484-The DeFalco Files (Episode 91)

ListenEpisode484-The DeFalco Files (Episode 91)

Episode484-The DeFalco Files (Episode 91)

This week on “The DeFalco Files” Diversion Amusements screwed over FSW and now Joe tears down the curtain to expose what exactly happened with the agreement the had for the upcoming Mecca show on February 4th.

Joe also tells us how the first Mecca co-main event match between FSW Heavyweight Champion Hammerstone, Brian Cage, and Davey Richards came about and also talks about the newly announced co-main event match that will see Killer Kross taking on former MLW Champion Jacob Fatu!

And with ‘High Octane’ is this Friday January 14th Joe talks about the main event between the FSW Heavyweight Champion Hammerstone and Cutthroat Cody. As well as who else to expect on the show.

There’s so much to talk about this week because ”The Truth is Here” every week on “The DeFalco Files”. 

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