Episode138-Vegas BadBoyz 3 Count & Wrestling Talk

ListenEpisode138-Vegas BadBoyz 3 Count & Wrestling Talk

Episode138-Vegas BadBoyz 3 Count & Wrestling Talk

On this edition of the 3 count we focus on 3 stories we believe are great discussion points based on whats happening in America today. We start off talking about the tweet that Cody responded too, referring to the lack of black wrestlers within AEW. Next we talked about Heavy Metal Wrestling, an indy promotion of out Texas who sides with #blacklivesmatter, and dares any indy talent in Texas to say #alllivesmatter. Lastly, talked about the professional wrestlers that posted their thoughts about the murder of George Floyd and why its important to hear from them. 
We then get into our wrestling and mma talk from this past week. Its a 2 hour pack show that we hope to enlighten you in deep conversation and thoughts before we get into to all the silliness you love from your Vegas BadBoyz.

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