Episode139-The DeFalco Files (Episode 6)

ListenEpisode139-The DeFalco Files (Episode 6)

Episode139-The DeFalco Files (Episode 6)

On this weeks all new “DeFalco Files” FSW owner and creator Joe DeFalco discusses the current state of reopening and paints the picture of why they still haven’t been able to run a show. Also we look at how female wrestling has evolved in FSW. You’ll get a lot of insight on Mazzerati, Sandra Moon, Queen Estrella, Lacey Ryan, Taya, Bryn Thorne, Heather Monroe and others. It’s a great look into what goes into booking not only women wrestlers but the men as well. And you only get this kind of access right here on the ‘DeFalco Files’ “The truth is here!”

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