Episode375-The DeFalco FIles (Episode 63)

ListenEpisode375-The DeFalco FIles (Episode 63)

Episode375-The DeFalco FIles (Episode 63)

This week on the “The DeFalco Files” Joe and Matt talk about the upcoming ‘Scars and Stripes’ show on Saturday July 3rd.

Matt asks Joe about what the show is going to do to set up the future big shows down the line.

They discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wrestlers working other companies outside of FSW.

Joe also updates us on the plans that are coming together for SummerSlam weekend! Including talking about working with GCW on the joint ‘FSW vs GCW’ event.

It’s an exciting time to be a wrestling fan in Las Vegas and you get all the insight right here weekly on “The DeFalco Files”.

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