Episode223- 3 Count

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Episode223- 3 Count

On this episode of 3 Count, 
PWI released their 100 Top Women Wrestlers from October 2019 to October 2020. Bayley gets 1st place. Do you agree with her position? Also, do you see challenges in how others were ranked?

On count 2, WWE Raw Underground has been canceled. Do you think this segment was worth letting go or did you see the potential that could have been built on to showcase new talent?

Lastly, Cody talks about a new 3rd hour coming to WarnerMedia, but instead of being attached to Dynamite it will be a separate hour on another channel.  Do you feel this will be a great idea or should they find other platforms that may serve them better?

Its another episode full of laughter and snarky comments from your favorite Bad Boyz and as always you can join the conversation by using #vegasbadboyzofpodcasting. 

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