Episode173-Wrestling Talk

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Episode173-Wrestling Talk

On this edition of Wrestling Talk we go over this past week wrestling shows. With WWE Raw Is the “Hurt Business” becoming good business by adding Shelton Benjamin to the team? On Impact Wrestling should both “machine gun” references should be used for 2 different talents within the same company? Was it smart for Keith Lee to give up one of his titles on NXT and on AEW was it smart for Cody to keep his TNT title against a promising newcomer? Is Smackdown ready for a BIG E singles run and will the band eventually come back together?  Lastly, UFC had another great fight night. Find out all the outcomes and what to expect with future fights.  As always you can join the conversation by using #vegasbadboyzofpodcasting and dont forget to SUBSCRIBE . LISTEN . REVIEW . SHARE

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