Episode112-DJ Impact 4 Corner Buckle

ListenEpisode112-DJ Impact 4 Corner Buckle

Episode112-DJ Impact 4 Corner Buckle

Vegas BadBoyz Of Podcasting presents DJ IMPACT “4 Corner Buckle”.  
Topics: WWE Women’s Tag Team, MITB location, Ciampa vs Gargano, and John Cena vs Hulk Hogan Legacy

This podcast is addition to all our other podcast as we are testing new shows to provide you entertainment during these troubling times.  This new podcast challenges 4 people to bring up topics and tries to get DJ IMPACT in the corner of the ring. After the 5 count by the ref, its on to the next person.  
You can also be on the podcast if you have a topic you strongly believe, just send us email at vegasbadboyzofpodcasting@gmail.com or hit us up on our social media platforms, leaving your name, contact phone or Skype information.

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