Episode422-3 Count

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Episode422-3 Count

On this episode of 3 Count, 
Dark Side Of Ring released an episode called “Plane Ride From Hell” which accuses Ric Flair of exposing himself to flight attendants and forcing them to touch him in private areas of his body.  Also Tommy Dreamer put in his 2 cents defending Ric Flair, and both of these guys are paying the price. How should this episode be perceived? Ric Flair denies this today as he has back then, we talk about it in Count 1.

On count 2, 
Renee Paquette thinks Big E’s push maybe due to Monday Night Football damping ratings, but also she feels that AEW is nipping at the heels of WWE.  Could this be the reason why WWE dropped the title on him in the manner that they did?

On Count 3 , 
The writer saids that “Pro Wrestling should be simple. Give the fans what they want.”  He feels WWE doesnt do that, but AEW is spot on with delivering.  We discussed is that truly the best way for a company to be run, by giving the fans what they want?

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