Episode418-3 Count

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Episode418-3 Count

On this episode of 3 Count, 
AEW has done a great job with planting seeds, but now they need to stop planting and start blooming.  What moves are necessary to get this company blooming and becoming a flourishing garden within the industry?

On count 2, 
After Mick Foley went on his social media and claimed that WWE has a problem, supposedly there are those inside of WWE who are not happy with that comment. He also mentioned wrestlers losing their individuality in WWE developmental, and how that’s not good.  We looked into his comments to see is he just disgruntled, or does he have a point? 

On Count 3 , 
How beneficial are leaks and dirt sheets within the wrestling industry?  According to the Author, it’s been very successful and have been a winning solution for AEW.  Is there ever a time when there is too much leaks that it bothers the overall experience? We take a look at what was said and gave our opinion.

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