Episode363-Nic Zander VS Bret The Threat (FSW)

ListenEpisode363-Nic Zander VS Bret The Threat (FSW)

Episode363-Nic Zander VS Bret The Threat (FSW)

The Vegas Badboyz Present a brand new show that will bring wrestlers who have a beef together in “Showdown”.

In this episode Matt Michaels moderates two potential FSW Rookie of the Year candidates Nic Zander and Bret the Threat.

The term “shoot” best describes the dislike these two talented youngsters have for each other.

Nic is a super talented performer. He goes about doing his business with an underdog attitude and a well earned confidence. In three one on one meetings Nic has been on the losing end of the pin to Bret. And Nic is at the end of his rope with the dirty tactics Bret has used to try to eliminate him from wrestling for good.

Bret the Threat is easily one of the most gifted young performers with a mouth that spits razor blades. He has become one of the most hated wrestlers even though he has barely been at it a year. Although still months away from announcing the Rookie of the Year Bret has already self anointed himself the title of ROY. Bret knows he owns Nic and continuously lets him know it.

With both Nic and Bret participating in a 30 Man Rumble on 6/18, where the winner will get a shot at the FSW Heavyweight Championship on 6/19, how will these two react when they are brought together for a “Showdown”!

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