Episode339-AJZ (Matt Michael’s “People I Don’t Hate”)

ListenEpisode339-AJZ (Matt Michael’s “People I Don’t Hate”)

Episode339-AJZ (Matt Michael’s “People I Don’t Hate”)

On this episode of “Matt Michaels’ People I Don’t Hate” Matt welcomes one of the smartest young wrestlers in the business Andres John Ziegler “AJZ”. We take a look at AJZ’s passion for the business and how at 9 years old he knew he wanted to be a professional wrestler. AJZ talks about being a “straight edge” bodybuilder and how he used bodybuilding as a way to develop his body for his future wrestling career. Matt asks AJZ about those wrestlers that have been mentors to him including his friendship former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore “nZo”. And is AJZ a “Professional Mark”? AJZ is a huge talent that continues to learn and grow so get to know him now right here on the Vegas Badboyz of Podcasting! And please remember to subscribe, download, listen, review, and share all of the shows from the Vegas Badboyz of Podcasting.

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