Episode311-Jonathan Davenport [Matt Michael’s “People I Don’t Hate”]

ListenEpisode311-Jonathan Davenport [Matt Michael’s “People I Don’t Hate”]

Episode311-Jonathan Davenport [Matt Michael’s “People I Don’t Hate”]

On this episode of “Matt Michaels’ People I Don’t  Hate” Matt welcomes the artist behind the amazing images on the wrestling gear for the legendary WWE team ‘The New Day’ and co-creator of ‘Our Heroes Rock!’ Jonathan Davenport. 

Jonathan talks about into how he started doing the artwork for ‘The New Day’ and how one concept for ring gear lead to ‘Our Heroes Rock!’. Jonathan explains why ’Our Heroes Rock!’ has been a learning experience for him and what the many different aspects of producing has been like. 

Find out what  Big E’s role has been in co-creating and performing in ‘Our Heroes Rock!’. Jonathan and Matt nerd out on a variety of subjects including musical theater and toy collecting. 

And Jonathan shares his memories of Brodie Lee and designing the perfect gear for him right before he passed away. It’s an exceptionally fun time and you get it all right here on the Vegas Badboyz of Podcasting!

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