Episode181-Wrestling Talk

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Episode181-Wrestling Talk

On this episode of Wrestling Talk, we analyze so much on what was happening on this past week shows.  We started off with Monday Night Raw and happy for the return of the Riot Squad.  We then moved over to Tuesday with Impact Wrestling where the TNA Championship Title was up against Moose and Heath, with Heath finally getting a Impact contract if he wins.  Wednesday didnt let us down with NXT kicking out a guest commentator, and AEW having a kick ass debate with a special guest moderator.  Friday Night Smackdown ended in what can only be described as RETRIBUTION.  We talk about it all and ask you to join the conversation by using #vegasbadboyzofpodcasting. We also just released our new APP on iOS and Android, just search Vegas BadBoyz. Last, dont forget to SUBSCRIBE . DOWNLOAD . LISTEN . SHARE!

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