Episode166- 3 Count

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Episode166- 3 Count

On this episode of the 3 Count, Vegas BadBoyz talks about former WWE commentator Hugo Savinovich who believes Vince McMahon may possibly want to sell WWE to the Saudis. What’s the chance of that happening? Also, are you one of the people that are divided over the Jeff Hardy storyline with his battle of alcohol addiction? Apparently half of the WWE Universe is and we give our thoughts as well. Finally, UFC 251 just took place on Fight Island and we discussed the 15 minute video presentation on the safety precautions used for their fighters and everyone in the vicinity. How effective was it and could this be a model for other sporting events going forward?  We talk about these topics and as always if you want in on the conversation use #vegasbadboyzofpodcasting and don’t forget to                           SUBSCRIBE .  LISTEN . REVIEW . TELL A FRIEND

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