Episode158-3 Count

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Episode158-3 Count

On this episode of Vegas BadBoyz 3 count, we started off talking about the uprising in corona virus cases especially in Florida where both WWE and AEW record their tv tapings, and asking should production be put on hold or extreme measures be put in place likes what’s presenting as a possibility for the NBA/NHL leagues remaining this seasoning. On our second count, we are asking is the writer correct about the Impact Wrestling Championship Title being cursed? We run through its winners list from 2015 till now, and there has been a lot of title holders for different reasons and is proving to help wrestlers careers going to other wrestling companies than building Impact Wrestling. ¬†Lastly, we revisit #SPEAKINGOUT and asking our Bad Boyz are we happy with what repercussions we have seen this far, or do we feel enough hasn’t happen? To join the conversation always use #vegasbadboyzofpodcasting. Remember, SUBSCRIBE . LISTEN . REVIEW . TELL A FRIEND.

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