Episode152-Wrestling Talk

ListenEpisode152-Wrestling Talk

Episode152-Wrestling Talk

On this episode of Wrestling Talk we went over all this past week wrestling shows, UFC Fight, and the Undertaker Last Ride.  Hear which Bad Boy member is happy about Lashley and Lana breaking up. How about EC3 music playing during the middle of the TNA title match. Can’t forget Robert Stone was smelly and drunk, but is that worst than where Britt Baker ended up. Also, was anyone mad at Matt Riddle for breaking up AJ Styles celebration?  We talked about the announcement on the Last Ride and our opinions about it. Lastly, we talked a little UFC.  Its a great show that will keep laughing and siding with your favorite Bad Boy. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE . DOWNLOAD . LISTEN . REVIEW and keep us apart of the conversation by using #vegasbadboyzofpodcasting

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