Episode147-Wrestling Talk

ListenEpisode147-Wrestling Talk

Episode147-Wrestling Talk

On todays episode, we talked about WWE BackLash. Hear our take on what we thought was the greatest match ever, or not. We also went over all your wrestling shows this past week.  Why do we think Impact Wrestling is great tv and how to find it?  Did Dextor Lumis use to be a stripper? HUH!!   Should FTR just drive the truck right into the side of the ring in AEW, and who controls the TNT Championship belt?  On Smackdown were you looking at Sasha’s shoes, wondering why the Matt hardy urine cup was so full, or just enjoying the 6 commercial breaks for the Intercontinental Championship match?  Who lost in the first round Karl Roberson or Jessica Eye during UFC Fight Night? We talk about all this and more on this Episode of Wrestling Talk.
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