Episode 207 – 3 Count

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Episode 207 – 3 Count

On our 3 Count episode we started off our first count talking about Eric Bischoff believing that most wrestling fans stopped watch wrestling and started watching politics being the similarity between how politicians sound on tv and how wrestling superstars sounds in and out of the ring.  

On the second count, MVP may have single handedly rejuvenated the careers of the black roster in WWE. Not just the members of the Hurt Business, but also giving  the rub to Apollo and Ricochet. Do you believe he needs to be spoken about as upper echelon of black wrestlers?

On our third count we discussed the documentary of “You Cannot Kill David Arquette”.  We asked ourselves just how bad was the storyline with David Arquette winning the title and is it fair to blame him for the downfall of WCW during that time?  We also went over parts of the movie we thought was hard to watch and what we really enjoyed.

It was another great episode that will have you entertained and possibly taken sides. You can join the conversation by using #vegasbadboyzofpodcasting. Also, don’t forget to download our new APP available on iOS and Android. 
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