Episode 162 – 3 Count

UncategorizedEpisode 162 – 3 Count

Episode 162 – 3 Count

On this episode of the 3 count, we talked about NXT ratings winning the last 2 weeks, along with how Tazz from AEW came firing at Fyter Fest.  We also talked about Saieve Al Sabah wanting and was granted his release from MLW because allegedly the close connection between the COO of MLW and a registered sex offender who owns a wrestling school. Our last topic looks at 5 rumors we hope are true, and 5 rumors we hope aren’t true.  As always an interesting 3 count that will keep you engage as we battle out the topics from our point of view. As always you can join the conversation by using #vegasbadboyzofpodcasting, & do not forget to 

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