Episide383- Jennifer Haas (Matt Michael’s “People I Don’t Hate”)

ListenEpiside383- Jennifer Haas (Matt Michael’s “People I Don’t Hate”)

Episide383- Jennifer Haas (Matt Michael’s “People I Don’t Hate”)

On this episode of “Matt Michaels’ People I Don’t Hate” Matt welcomes, the daughter of WWE Hall of Fame member Tito Santana, Jennifer Haas.

Jennifer and Matt talk about finding out her father is Tito Santana and what that means to her now.

She gets into how she has started in ring wrestling training here in Las Vegas under the guidance of Kyle Hawk. She shares the pain, fears, obstacles, and determination behind her learning how to wrestle.

She explains her family dynamic and how they are brutally honest with each other. And how this has helped her through some of the toughest times in her life.

They also talk about her accomplishments in jiu jitsu, her workouts and body building experiences, and how people’s fears can stop them from trying new things.

Jennifer is one of the sweetest people and you get to go on her Pro Wrestling journey with her!! Remember it’s only available here on the Vegas Badboyz of Podcasting! 

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